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Why Repair Your iPad With us?

Phone Repair Service & Battery Replacement

LCD Screen Crack, Battery, Charging, Water Damage, Motherboard, Cannot On

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Up to 30 Days Warranty On All iPhone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

Singapore’s Leading iPad Repair Service

Whether your iPad’s screen is cracked, or you are facing battery issues or any other unknown software issues, 8th Ave Mobile is very experienced in repairing your faulty iPad. 8th Ave Mobile usually repairs common iPad problems on the same day. Free diagnosis of your iPad is given to identify the issues. Since the company was founded, 8th Ave Mobile has come across thousands iPad and there are a few most common services that are sought by the locals, which makes 8th Ave Mobile the “Trusted Dealer” on iPad Repair Services. View the repair service price range for ipad.

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Screen Replacement Services

The iPad screen is large and made of glass for better touch control. Therefore, it is a very popular technology device for entertainment, work and obtaining information. On the other hand, it is very fragile and prone to drops, knocks as well as scratches. Broken iPads are very common. The broken screens or the malfunction of internal display components will cause the decrease of sensibility or difficulties to see or read. Worst of all, the iPad screen will be black out and there are no displays at all.


If you are not sure about your iPad’s screen condition, you can always contact the professional team to seek for an advice:


To identify if your iPad Screen needs to be replaced, you need to monitor a few things. 


First, you need to identify the physical cracking or damage, quality of the display and the responsiveness of the touch command. If the touch is delayed or not working, try to clean the screen and force restarting your iPad and test the touch sensitivity again. 


Second, you have to know what you want to repair. Broken screen can be replaced with a new one. However, you also need to identify what are the damages that are caused by the broken screen. If you do not know how to identify, you can talk to 8th Ave Mobile team so that the team can arrange a professional technician for you. 


Third, you need to know whether your LCD panels and touchscreen digitizer are fused together.  Most older iPad models such as  iPad1, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 3, and iPad 5 have their LCD and digitizer are not fused together, so they can be replaced individually. The newer models after iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 & iPad Pro have their LCD and digitizer as a body. As a result, the whole LCD and digitizer have to be replaced for the new iPad models. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Battery Replacement Service

iPad battery is also one of the most common services that users seek for. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and original capacity when new. Any device will likely require to be recycled or serviced eventually as the use of the unit degrades it over time. In the case of battery life, your usage combined with the settings you select determines your device's battery life expectancy. Once your battery requires charging more frequently, it may be time to get it replaced.


 iPad battery replacement is worth it as iPads do not evolve fast enough to make your iPad obsolete within three years. However, if you purchased an older generation iPad to save on costs, it just might be time for an upgrade. Replacing the battery affords you an extra period of using the device. View how much is the battery replacement for ipad.


It is recommended that you change your iPad battery when its health is below 80%. To check your iPad battery’s health, you can calibrate your battery by charging your iPad to 100% and keep charging it for more than 2 hours. After that, use your iPad until it is completely out of battery. Charge your phone again to 100% and drain your iPad battery completely again. After recalibrating your phone, use your iPad as usual. If the battery charges slow or it runs out of battery fast, you might need to visit us to have a check. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Charging Port Replacement Service

If your iPad is not charging properly, it is not necessarily because of faulty batteries. It might also be the charging port issues. To identify whether your iPad charging port is functioning, you can try to plug in a functioning charger. Secondly, clean the dust/liquid and lint by using alcohol swabs. At this point, if the phone is not charging, you most probably need to go for iPad charging port replacement. 

Walk-in iPad Repairs

No need to make appointments. You can bring your broken iPad to get free diagnosis and immediate repair at: 


703 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2533 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560703 

Tel: +65 8885 5527 • WhatsApps: +65 8885 5131

Opening Hours: 11.13 a.m. – 8.13 p.m.


To get your iPad repaired, click the link below and chat with our customer service now. No payment is needed for any WhatsApp enquiries:

Why 8th Ave Mobile:

8th Ave Mobile provides transparent services and practices. All our customers received fair services for any repairs.

See 8th Ave Mobile for more than 800+ customers 5-stars google reviews:

more than 10000+ customers 5-stars shopee reviews:

and like & follow our facebook page for latest updates:


Secondly, 8th Ave Mobile strives to provide the best quality of products and services for all customers. We provide the most efficient iPad repair in Singapore. If you encounter difficulties visiting our service center or dissatisfied experiences with other repair service center, feel free to drop us a message via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp Chat or call us if you have doubts. Our customer service may assist you and ensure you have a worry-free iPad repair experience. 


Moreover, 8th Ave Mobile accepts different types of payments including cash, PayNow and ShopeePay.


All iPad repaired by 8th Ave Mobile is entitled for a 30-days warranty, excluding any camera removal services as well as the replacement services using the parts provided by you. Any issues that are caused by the repair services will be sorted out immediately to make sure of your service satisfaction. However, please mind that the iPads that encountered water damage is not covered with the 30-days warranty. 

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