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Why Repair Your Phone With us?

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Phone Repair Service & Battery Replacement

LCD Screen Crack, Battery, Charging, Water Damage, Motherboard, Cannot On


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Up to 30 Days Warranty On All Mobile Phone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

iPhone is Brilliant, Until It Breaks.

Whether your iPhone is a iPhone 13 or iPhone 5, 8th Ave Mobile is happy to offer repair services for your older or latest version of iPhone. The technicians in 8th Ave Mobile have repaired countless iPhones, with the latest and most specialized techniques and technologies. No matter if you are looking for iPhone’s screen/back glass/camera repair, or iPhone battery or charging port replacement, you can rely on 8th Ave Mobile technicians to help you get your iPhone back to its original state. 

iPhone Repair: Is It Worth Fixing?

When the phone has become one of the essentials of our daily lives, the high usage increases the risk of facing defects or technical issues. So, is it worth fixing your phone? The general thumb rule: if the repair is cheaper than the value of the phone, you can choose to fix it. 8th Ave Mobile offers a full range of iPhone repair services including ios software recovery, motherboard repair, as well as physical defects such as cracks and scratches. See the repair price list that is the most reasonable and highly rated in Singapore:

8th Ave Mobile Fixes iPhones - Thousands of iPhones

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Screen Replacement Services

As careful as you might be, the screen of an iPhone is still glass-made, namingly “Gorilla glass” that is claimed to be toughened and scratch resistant. The phone is also non waterproof, even though the latest iPhone 13 is claimed to be able to hold up against unintended water exposure. That feeling when you see the screen is cracking or blackout is heart wrenching, but not to worry, there are many other iPhone users that come across the same scenario. 8th Ave Mobile is the expert in providing the best quality repair service after repairing thousands of iPhone, which is why we are rated as the “Trusted Dealer” in many reviews.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Battery Replacement Service

For all these while, 8th Ave Mobile has replaced more than hundreds of iPhone batteries due to the performance of the battery getting poorer. Battery of an iPhone is the core factor that is incredibly important. the iPhone might be damaged if the battery is not functioning normally. Most of the time, when the technicians found that the iPhone’s battery starts to bloat, it is advised that the battery has to be replaced with a new and tested battery. Replacing a new battery allows the iPhone to perform optimally for another 18 months. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Charge Port Replacement Service

If you are experiencing issues with your iPhone charging port, 8th Ave Mobile technicians are specialized in repairing or replacing your iPhone charging port. You are not alone if your iPhone does not charge anymore. Many factors that might cause your iPhone to not charge anymore, which include dust, water defect, accidental fall or even using an incompatible usb/charger. If you are unsure of the problem with your uncharged iPhone, feel free to visit our store to get free diagnosis.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Water Damage Repair

Dropped your iPhone in the water? 8th Ave Mobile is specialized in repairing water damaged iPhone with the finest repairing tools. If your phone is water damaged, Apple warranty does not cover the damages even if your iPhone is still under warranty. Water damage is more complicated than other repair services as the uncertainties of the damages are hard to predict. Water damage requires disassemble of the iPhone to check affected parts. Next, the affected parts have to be cleaned, which this process will be repeated to make sure the parts are cleaned thoroughly. Then, the phone has to be fully tested. If the repairs require replacements of parts, additional charges will be applied. 

Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that a water damaged iPhone can be repaired even though 8th Ave Mobile will do the very best to repair it professionally. Therefore, when the repair cost is unpredictable, it is advised to replace the iPhone with a new one, which you can find more smartphones here:

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Back Glass Replacement Services

8th Ave Mobile specialize in repairing broken iPhone back glass using the latest technology for more skilful and quality repair. The back glass that is used as replacement are all high quality materials.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Camera Repair Services

If you are in Singapore, just pop in to our store to repair your iPhone Camera no matter if you are facing issues with the rear or front facing camera of your iPhone. When your iPhone camera is broken, we remove the faulty camera and replace it with a new one. After replacing the new camera, we will run diagnostic tests to make sure your replaced camera is functioning normally.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Speaker & Home Button Repair Services

At 8th Ave Mobile, iPhone speaker repair is usually quick as the technicians are fully trained and with years of experience in fixing the iPhone speakers issue. Many iPhone users faced issues such as cracking sounds or speaker’s not working, particularly the aging iPhone. These can be caused by the clogged bottom speakers, water damage or accidental drops. 8th Ave Mobile will replace the damaged speakers with brand new speakers that are with high quality, to extend the lifespan of your iPhone speaker. 


iPhone home button was last introduced on the iPhone 8, which the later models do not have anymore. If your home button is not functioning, we can replace it with a new one, however, the fingerprint ID will no longer work as only Apple has the special calibration tool to access this function.

Singapore’s Leading iPad Repair Service

Whether your iPad’s screen is cracked, or you are facing battery issues or any other unknown software issues, 8th Ave Mobile is very experienced in repairing your faulty iPad. 8th Ave Mobile usually repairs common iPad problems on the same day. Free diagnosis of your iPad is given to identify the issues. Since the company was founded, 8th Ave Mobile has come across thousands iPad and there are a few most common services that are sought by the locals, which makes 8th Ave Mobile the “Trusted Dealer” on iPad Repair Services. View the repair service price range for ipad.

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Screen Replacement Services

The iPad screen is large and made of glass for better touch control. Therefore, it is a very popular technology device for entertainment, work and obtaining information. On the other hand, it is very fragile and prone to drops, knocks as well as scratches. Broken iPads are very common. The broken screens or the malfunction of internal display components will cause the decrease of sensibility or difficulties to see or read. Worst of all, the iPad screen will be black out and there are no displays at all.


If you are not sure about your iPad’s screen condition, you can always contact the professional team to seek for an advice:


To identify if your iPad Screen needs to be replaced, you need to monitor a few things. 


First, you need to identify the physical cracking or damage, quality of the display and the responsiveness of the touch command. If the touch is delayed or not working, try to clean the screen and force restarting your iPad and test the touch sensitivity again. 


Second, you have to know what you want to repair. Broken screen can be replaced with a new one. However, you also need to identify what are the damages that are caused by the broken screen. If you do not know how to identify, you can talk to 8th Ave Mobile team so that the team can arrange a professional technician for you. 


Third, you need to know whether your LCD panels and touchscreen digitizer are fused together.  Most older iPad models such as  iPad1, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 3, and iPad 5 have their LCD and digitizer are not fused together, so they can be replaced individually. The newer models after iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 & iPad Pro have their LCD and digitizer as a body. As a result, the whole LCD and digitizer have to be replaced for the new iPad models. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Battery Replacement Service

iPad battery is also one of the most common services that users seek for. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and original capacity when new. Any device will likely require to be recycled or serviced eventually as the use of the unit degrades it over time. In the case of battery life, your usage combined with the settings you select determines your device's battery life expectancy. Once your battery requires charging more frequently, it may be time to get it replaced.


 iPad battery replacement is worth it as iPads do not evolve fast enough to make your iPad obsolete within three years. However, if you purchased an older generation iPad to save on costs, it just might be time for an upgrade. Replacing the battery affords you an extra period of using the device. View how much is the battery replacement for ipad.


It is recommended that you change your iPad battery when its health is below 80%. To check your iPad battery’s health, you can calibrate your battery by charging your iPad to 100% and keep charging it for more than 2 hours. After that, use your iPad until it is completely out of battery. Charge your phone again to 100% and drain your iPad battery completely again. After recalibrating your phone, use your iPad as usual. If the battery charges slow or it runs out of battery fast, you might need to visit us to have a check. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPad Charging Port Replacement Service

If your iPad is not charging properly, it is not necessarily because of faulty batteries. It might also be the charging port issues. To identify whether your iPad charging port is functioning, you can try to plug in a functioning charger. Secondly, clean the dust/liquid and lint by using alcohol swabs. At this point, if the phone is not charging, you most probably need to go for iPad charging port replacement. 

Best Samsung Mobile Phones Repair Service in Singapore

Samsung is known to be one of the top-selling mobile phone manufacturers globally, they have a global reputation and when it comes to Android handsets they are arguably the biggest and the best provider. While the Galaxy S series and Galaxy series are considered their current flagship handsets, they also have a wide range of mid to budget level phones in order to appeal to every sector of the market.

Samsung Mobile Phones Liquid or Water Damage Repair in Singapore

Like other smartphones, physical damage including liquid damage is not covered under the Samsung Limited Warranty, as such damage is considered as beyond economical repair as the unit is unrepeatable. Ironically, liquid damage is also one of the most common phone damages in human daily lives. The world suddenly freezes when you see your Samsung phone dropped in water. The second when it’s in the toilet bowl or a small pool of water, you know nothing good will come out soon. After all, that’s a device that is worth a significant amount of cash, information & memories, and the chances are it will be condemned.

How to fix a water of liquid damaged Samsung phone? 

It is not necessary to learn kung-fu; but you must equip yourself with the knowledge of fixing a water damaged Samsung phone. No matter if you are owning an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, even if it is a water resistant or waterproof Samsung phone, nothing can guarantee a positive outcome when your Samsung phone dropped into the water, however, it is always worth trying to rescue a liquid damaged Samsung phone. The following tips may give you a higher chance of success. 


First, pick up your Samsung phone and turn it off ASAP. The shorter your Samsung stays underwater, the higher its chances of survival are. Pick up your Samsung phone out of the water right away even if it is in the toilet. 

Once the phone is out of the water, turn it off immediately to ensure the water does not reach and damage important phone parts while electronics are active. Water reaching operating components is more likely to cause permanent damage. 


Do not turn on your phone or plug in charger to avoid any electrical operation. Also, do not shake or blow the device as it might push water deeper to other parts of the phone; do not apply any heat to the phone as excessive heat can damage the phone. 


If you are confident in disassembling Samsung phones, remove everything that is removable on your Samsung phone and lay it all out on a paper towel. However, it is highly recommended to look for experienced tech specialist. 8th Ave Mobile has the best technician in Singapore in fixing Samsung liquid damaged Samsung phones.  The technicians know where the disassembling point is located for the Samsung phone. Secondly, the technicians of 8th Ave Mobile knows how to specially handle the excess water found in different Samsung phone parts. Some of the parts can be dried with paper towels, while some need a special vacuum cleaner and techniques to dry. This drying process includes cleaning and disinfecting as it is important to avoid short circuits when the phone is turned on and to avoid the parts from rusting as well as spread of germs.

Be aware that there are many uncertainties on liquid damaged Samsung phones. There is no guarantee that a liquid damaged Samsung phone can be repaired. If your phone is unrepairable, ’s time to accept defeat and take it to a professional and see if it can be salvaged. You can also claim insurance if you have it. Not to sound like a doctor, but after this point we have really done everything we could. Sometimes you have to let the phone go. However, we can help you find a new one. Take a look at our lists of the best Samsung and other mobile phones. You might also want to consider a used phone.

Samsung Mobile Phones Battery & Charging Port Repair in Singapore

Located in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, 8th Ave Mobile has many years of Samsung phones battery and charging port repair experience. If you suspect your phone battery has gone bad and you are not ready to get a new phone yet, you may get the free diagnosis and immediate repair.

Why is it important to get immediate check-up or battery replacement?

Like many brands, Samsung phones have a major issue related to batteries, which include battery unchargeable, battery draining fast and battery overheating. Batteries that easily overheat are the most concerned condition, as it will cause damages on the motherboard or potential to cause sudden explosions. 


Samsung phones are using lightweight Lithium-ion Battery, which is high energy density, long-lasting, lightweight and safe. Every Samsung model battery is different regarding its battery life. The battery life of a Samsung phone varies with your usage. The expected life span of Samsung is around 2 to 3 years, however, Samsung phone batteries are easier to remove and replace. When you find that your battery efficiency decreases, you can WhatsApp to seek for advice or walk-in to 8th Ave Mobile store to get a free diagnosis for your Samsung phone. 

Repair Your Samsung Charging Port

Sometimes it is not the battery problem when your Samsung phone is uncharged. The problem might be the charging port. There are some common issues that are found in the charging port, which include loose charging cable and dirty charging port.


You can seek for 8th Ave Mobile store to get a free diagnosis on your charging port. There are some simple steps that can determine whether your charging port is working. You can try a different charging cord for your Samsung phone. Secondly, do a quick check whether the port is clogged with dirt or debris. Be very careful when you decide to remove the dirt. You can also check if there is corrosion in your charging port. You might also try different power sources to ensure the outlets are working. 


If you have done everything that is mentioned and still cannot get the battery to charge, it’s time to replace your charging port or battery.

Samsung Mobile Phones Camera Repair in Singapore 

Samsung phones’ cameras are very competitive in the market. When you notice that there are marks on your lens or you do not get a display from your rear or front camera at all, your camera needs repairing. Repairing the Samsung is a complicated process that requires a specialist. It is advised that you approach 8th Ave Mobile with your Samsung phone to get a free diagnosis and get immediate repair for your Samsung phone camera. 

Samsung Mobile Phones Screen, Curved Screen & LCD Screen Repair in Singapore

8th Ave Mobile offers a complete range of services to fix your broken Samsung phone. We understand that a broken screen that resulted from an accidental drop is the most heart wrenching moment. Samsung phone screen is mostly the assembly of LCD and Digitizer lying behind the glass screen. The replacement of a cracked Samsung LCD is not cheap, however, in 8th Ave Mobile, we have the tip top technicians and technology in Singapore to replace your Samsung phone screen, including the curved screen.  We only use good quality screens and LCDs for replacement. However, there are different grade screens with different cost that you can choose based on your preference. 

Samsung Mobile Phones Speaker Repair in Singapore 

If the loud speaker on your Samsung Phone isn’t working, or perhaps it's muffled or crackling, then it’s time to get it fixed. There are many steps to replacing a Samsung Phone loud speaker, but don’t worry, it’s all in a day’s work for a 8th Ave Mobile technician. There’s no need to go without your music, just get a 8th Ave Mobile repair booked in and before you know it, your device will be full of sound once more.


If you do not want to visit any technicians yet but your Samsung phone speaker is not working and you do not know why, you can have a quick check. Turn on your speaker volume all the way up to see if it’s working. You can also restart your Samsung phone in case the speaker is not working properly due to any minor software bug. Thirdly, you have to make sure that your phone is not connected to any bluetooth device. If your Samsung phone is not working even if you have tried all the mentioned steps, you may clean out your speaker carefully with a soft brush. If there is still no sound, it is recommended that you visit 8th Ave Mobile to seek for free professional diagnosis.

XiaoMi Repair Center by Best Local Expert in Singapore

8th Ave Mobile has a long-lasting experience of repairing XiaoMi phones in our own service center since XiaoMi was first launched. We offer repairs to all models of Xiaomi phones including the latest Mi 12, Redmi and Poco. 


Applying an ultra-aggressive pricing strategy, XiaoMi is one of the fast growing phone companies. Xiaomi makes high-performance Android phones that run the latest specs and hardware and then it sells them for more than 50% less than the competitors. Unlike Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi runs its phone business on razor-thin margins. As a result, it is very popular and accepted widely by the Singaporean market. 


XiaoMi phones cannot run away from the issues that commonly happen on Smartphones nowadays. We cannot avoid any human error or the problems of the phone itself that may happen anytime even though we are careful all the time. 

XiaoMi Overheating Issues and Repair Service in Singapore

XiaoMi phones face overheating issues like many other mobile phones. Overheating XiaoMi is a serious issue that can cause explosions. If your XiaoMi phone is overheating, immediately turn off your phone and do not hesitate to send your XiaoMi to our service center to diagnose your phone.  As batteries wear out over time, it may be necessary to replace them, regardless if it is XiaoMi, iPhone or Samsung. 8th Ave Mobile skilled technicians have repaired thousands of phone and we can guarantee that with our experience and technology, your XiaoMi can work as usual again for the next 2-3 years. 

XiaoMi Phone Batteries Replacement Service in Singapore

XiaoMi Phone Batteries need to be replaced if it is old, damaged or losing its charge too quickly. Like other phone brands, XiaoMi batteries wear out over time, but swapping its original battery for a new one is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to bring new life and durable power to your phone.                                                            


Before you decide to replace your XiaoMi’s battery, there are a few things that you can do to check your XiaoMi phone’s battery health. You can check the health of the Xiaomi battery in Settings’ Battery & Performance option under MIUI settings. In the Battery health section, you can find whether the battery status is working normally or otherwise, the battery voltage, battery temperature and remaining battery. If there is abnormal information portrayed, you should seek for an advice from 8th Ave Mobile service center

XiaoMi Phone Screen Replacement Service in Singapore

If you accidentally cracked your XiaoMi phone screen, find 8th Ave Mobile to repair it for you within no time. 8th Ave Mobile is the best local expert in replacing XiaoMi phone screens and making them appear brand new. Our selection of Xiaomi screen replacement services is huge. We can fix your Xiaomi screen for all models depending on the ready stocks of the replacement screen units. You can WhatsApp to inquire about the services that 8th Ave Mobile store provides, including asking the availability of the replacement screens for your phone.

XiaoMi Liquid Damage Repair Service in Singapore 

There are chances your XiaoMi phones are still still working if you dropped your XiaoMi in the water or other possible liquid damage. Regardless of how the liquid damage has occurred, chances are 8th Ave Mobile store can repair your Xiaomi Phones if you immediately seek for help. 


Treating a liquid damaged phone required skilled technicians and special equipment in order to increase the chances of water damaged phone repair. To treat any liquid damage, 8th Ave Mobile will provide liquid damage diagnosis. The repair service consists of constant drying, cleaning up and sanitizing of the interior of your XiaoMi phone. Repetition of this process is to avoid any short circuit when the XiaoMi is powered on, as well as to avoid fast corrosion as much as possible due to liquid damage. It is recommended you to power off your phone immediately when you pick up your liquid damaged phone and visit our service center at 8th Ave Mobile  for free phone check up and immediate repair. 

XiaoMi Camera Replacement/Removal Service in Singapore 

If the front or back camera of your Xiaomi phone only takes blurry photos or the camera only shows a black screen, a camera repair is able to fix the problem. XiaoMi phones camera mostly consists of lens, front and rear. At 8th Ave Mobile, we have multiple choices of XiaoMi Camera which is original or equivalent to original, depending on your preference. The camera of XiaoMi phone usually requires replacements if there are cracks or blurry spots. If the camera apps freezes during or after photo snapping, it could probably be the motherboard issues. 


8th Ave Mobile also provides the removal of cameras if you are going to serve national service that prohibit usage of camera smartphones at the time being. Even though we do not provide warranty on removed cameras like any other stores, we do provide service to reinstall your XiaoMi phone camera. All the camera removal services are strictly obeying the rules of Army camps for NS.

Walk-in Repairs

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