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Free Mobile Phone Diagnosis and Immediate Repair

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Why Repair Your Xiaomi With us?

Phone Repair Service & Battery Replacement

LCD Screen Crack, Battery, Charging, Water Damage, Motherboard, Cannot On

Highly Rated in Singapore

We are highly rated in Singapore

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Immediate Repair Service

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Up to 30 Days Warranty On All iPhone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

XiaoMi Repair Center by Best Local Expert in Singapore

8th Ave Mobile has a long-lasting experience of repairing XiaoMi phones in our own service center since XiaoMi was first launched. We offer repairs to all models of Xiaomi phones including the latest Mi 12, Redmi and Poco. 


Applying an ultra-aggressive pricing strategy, XiaoMi is one of the fast growing phone companies. Xiaomi makes high-performance Android phones that run the latest specs and hardware and then it sells them for more than 50% less than the competitors. Unlike Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi runs its phone business on razor-thin margins. As a result, it is very popular and accepted widely by the Singaporean market. 


XiaoMi phones cannot run away from the issues that commonly happen on Smartphones nowadays. We cannot avoid any human error or the problems of the phone itself that may happen anytime even though we are careful all the time. 

XiaoMi Overheating Issues and Repair Service in Singapore

XiaoMi phones face overheating issues like many other mobile phones. Overheating XiaoMi is a serious issue that can cause explosions. If your XiaoMi phone is overheating, immediately turn off your phone and do not hesitate to send your XiaoMi to our service center to diagnose your phone.  As batteries wear out over time, it may be necessary to replace them, regardless if it is XiaoMi, iPhone or Samsung. 8th Ave Mobile skilled technicians have repaired thousands of phone and we can guarantee that with our experience and technology, your XiaoMi can work as usual again for the next 2-3 years. 

XiaoMi Phone Batteries Replacement Service in Singapore

XiaoMi Phone Batteries need to be replaced if it is old, damaged or losing its charge too quickly. Like other phone brands, XiaoMi batteries wear out over time, but swapping its original battery for a new one is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to bring new life and durable power to your phone.                                                            


Before you decide to replace your XiaoMi’s battery, there are a few things that you can do to check your XiaoMi phone’s battery health. You can check the health of the Xiaomi battery in Settings’ Battery & Performance option under MIUI settings. In the Battery health section, you can find whether the battery status is working normally or otherwise, the battery voltage, battery temperature and remaining battery. If there is abnormal information portrayed, you should seek for an advice from 8th Ave Mobile service center

XiaoMi Phone Screen Replacement Service in Singapore

If you accidentally cracked your XiaoMi phone screen, find 8th Ave Mobile to repair it for you within no time. 8th Ave Mobile is the best local expert in replacing XiaoMi phone screens and making them appear brand new. Our selection of Xiaomi screen replacement services is huge. We can fix your Xiaomi screen for all models depending on the ready stocks of the replacement screen units. You can WhatsApp to inquire about the services that 8th Ave Mobile store provides, including asking the availability of the replacement screens for your phone.

XiaoMi Liquid Damage Repair Service in Singapore 

There are chances your XiaoMi phones are still still working if you dropped your XiaoMi in the water or other possible liquid damage. Regardless of how the liquid damage has occurred, chances are 8th Ave Mobile store can repair your Xiaomi Phones if you immediately seek for help. 


Treating a liquid damaged phone required skilled technicians and special equipment in order to increase the chances of water damaged phone repair. To treat any liquid damage, 8th Ave Mobile will provide liquid damage diagnosis. The repair service consists of constant drying, cleaning up and sanitizing of the interior of your XiaoMi phone. Repetition of this process is to avoid any short circuit when the XiaoMi is powered on, as well as to avoid fast corrosion as much as possible due to liquid damage. It is recommended you to power off your phone immediately when you pick up your liquid damaged phone and visit our service center at 8th Ave Mobile  for free phone check up and immediate repair. 

XiaoMi Camera Replacement/Removal Service in Singapore 

If the front or back camera of your Xiaomi phone only takes blurry photos or the camera only shows a black screen, a camera repair is able to fix the problem. XiaoMi phones camera mostly consists of lens, front and rear. At 8th Ave Mobile, we have multiple choices of XiaoMi Camera which is original or equivalent to original, depending on your preference. The camera of XiaoMi phone usually requires replacements if there are cracks or blurry spots. If the camera apps freezes during or after photo snapping, it could probably be the motherboard issues. 


8th Ave Mobile also provides the removal of cameras if you are going to serve national service that prohibit usage of camera smartphones at the time being. Even though we do not provide warranty on removed cameras like any other stores, we do provide service to reinstall your XiaoMi phone camera. All the camera removal services are strictly obeying the rules of Army camps for NS.

Walk-in iPhone Repairs

No need to make appointments. You can bring your broken Xiaomi phone to get free diagnosis and immediate repair at: 


703 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2533 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560703 

Tel: +65 8885 5527 • WhatsApps: +65 8885 5131

Opening Hours: 11.13 a.m. – 8.13 p.m.

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